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Diet, Nutrition & Disease


This evidence-based, up to date programme provides learners with a comprehensive and detailed knowledge and understanding of the role which diet, nutrition and lifestyle play in common chronic diseases. The practical elements at the end of each lecture module give clinicians the tools they need to effectively and efficiently address these common issues of diet-related ill-health with their patients and clients. This programme will also help learners to separate fact from fallacy in the area of nutrition by referencing the most robust and current scientific evidence in these different clinical areas.

Product Description

This course has been designed to specifically cater to the needs of clinicians with a limited working knowledge of nutrition, as well as learners who have previously undertaken our programme in diet, nutrition and health, and who are now seeking to develop a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the role which diet and nutrition play in common diseases. This streamlined, online learning experience will provide participants with a detailed knowledge of how diet and lifestyle can contribute to or alleviate serious chronic disorders including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis. Additionally, issues such as the fetal programming of disease, malnutrition and nutrition support and socio-economic variation in diet and lifestyle will be explored to highlight the important impact which these factors have on population health.